10 facts about Hungary

03 Aug 2018

HungaryWe’re sharing 10 interesting and unique facts about Hungary:

-    Hungary is a land-locked country which shares its borders with Austria, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine.

-    The oldest university of Hungary is the University of Pécs, and it was founded in 1367.

-    The rubik cube was invented by a Hungarian named Erno Rubik.

-    Legend has it that touching the pen held by the statue of Anonymous in Budapest’s City Park will bless you with great writing abilities.

-    The Hungarian language is said to be one of the hardest in the world. It is part of the Finno-Ugrian language family.

-    Paprika is Hungary’s most popular spice and a symbol of their cuisine. More than 1,000 tons of the spice are produced annually in Hungary , and there are two museums dedicated to the industry – named Szeged and Molnar.

-    Hungary boasts a profound history in classical music. It is home to composers such as Béla Bartók, Zoltán Kodály, and Franz Liszt.

-    Every time they’ve competed in the Olympics, Hungarians have won gold medals.

-    Hungary is among the thirty most popular tourist destinations in the world.

-    Hungarians are required to ask for approval from the government when picking a child’s name unless it is already included in an extensive list of pre-approved names.