5G network may be launched by the end of year in Hungary

12 Sep 2019

After talks with the Hungarian Prime Minister this week, the head of the U.N. internet and telecoms agency stated that it is likely for Hungary to launch high-speed 5G mobile networks by the end of 2019. 

Hungary has come out to say that it will treat Chinese tech giant Huawei like any other technology supplier, despite claims by the U.S. that its 5G technology threatens national security. In June, NMHH, a Hungarian regulator announced a sale of over 400 megahertz of 5G spectrum for 5G network. The latest network is predicted to boost the development of machine communication and self-driving cars. 

Speaking at the ITU Telecom World Conference, International Telecommunication Union Secretary-General said, ‘I was told that progress is quite good and if everything will be developed according to schedule, perhaps before end of this year Hungary will start 5G commercial services.’ 

Current plans show that 5G spectrum tenders are to be concluded by the end of next month, allowing the ministry of innovation and technology to hand the government a paper on the use of 5G, according to the ministry’s head, Laszlo Palkovics. 

Previously Palkovics said that industrial locations would be able to make use of 5G by 2020 and a bit longer the network to be installed around the major cities and on transport routes.