Hungarian government plans plastic bag ban from 2021

17 Sep 2018

ShoppingThe Ministry for Innovation and Technology in Hungary plans to increase product fees for disposable plastic bags from next year and aims to introduce a ban on the bag from 2021, the Ministry told MTI.

Additionally, the ministry is also planning to raise product fees on plastic utensils, which include cups, knives, forks and straws.

On average, Hungarians make use of more than 80 plastic bags a year – a lot of which end up in landfills. Plastic waste has been a great cause of concern around the world, whilst in Hungary, an environmental NGO named Greenpeace conducted research that revealed the Danube and Tisza rivers are polluted with plastic micro beads.

Several countries have already taken action towards a plastic bag ban. In France, a ban has been in place for several years, whereas in Romania, a ban is set to be implemented in 2019, and in 2022 in India.

Gergely Simon, a chemicals expert at Greenpeace said: "These bags are mostly used only once, for just 20 minutes on average, and then end up in the trash. It can take as much as nearly 400 years for them to fully degrade."

A draft of the new rules is expected to be released for public consultation at the end of September.