Hungarian schools to benefit from EU health programme

03 Sep 2019

Hungary is set to benefit from the European Union’s School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme and the School Milk Scheme, receiving €3.73 million and €1.95 million from the programmes respectively. 

The EU will be continuing its School Fruit, Vegetables and Milk Scheme during the coming scholastic year. The programme was launched to take ‘action to help children follow a healthy diet and lifestyle’ and its website states that ‘the scheme supports the distribution of fruit, vegetables, milk and certain milk products to schoolchildren, from nursery to secondary school.’ Other than give schoolchildren a healthy diet, the scheme also works to teach the children on the importance of following a healthy diet and on food production process. Throughout the 2017/18 scholastic year over than 20 million students from EU states gained from the project.  

The EU invested €250 million in this scholastic year, putting €145 for fruit and vegetables and €105 million for milk. Earlier this year, the European Commission (EC) confirmed the amounts that the EU Member States would be receiving. Around 2 billion Hungarian Forint have been allocated for Hungary. The distribution of fruit, vegetables and milk will be distributed amongst schoolchildren according to health and environmental considerations, diversity and availability. 

In addition, teachers will also be taught on food production during a Teachers’ Training Package that the European Commission organised.